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Usage-Based Billing

This section describes usage-based consumption in the ThousandEyes platform, including ways to get more value out of your available units.

In usage-based consumption, every ThousandEyes test run from a Cloud or Enterprise Agent incurs units up to an agreed-upon threshold.

Note that usage-based consumption is only a portion of the subscriptions available from ThousandEyes. Other charges can include Endpoint Agent licenses, Internet Insights licenses and packages, and professional services.

Usage and Billing

This section gives an overview of the tabs and their contents that you will find on the Account Settings > Usage and Billing screen.

Usage Tab

The Usage tab shows settings for Plan Usage and Cloud and Enterprise Agent Units. This tab is only accessible by Organization Admins - relevant permissions are View billing, View organization usage, and View security & authentication settings:

Plan Usage Section

The Plan Usage section provides an overview of all aspects of unit and license consumption:

  • Units: Shows the current usage (solid green bar), additional projected usage until the end of the current billing cycle (dashed green/white bar) and the remainder of the planned/purchased capacity.
  • Endpoint Agent Licenses: The number of Endpoint Agents currently enabled and the number of purchased licenses in the plan.
  • Internet Insights Package Licenses: The number of Internet Insights packages currently used and the number of purchased licenses in the plan.
  • You can select between showing consumption details of Cloud Agent Units or Enterprise Agent Units.
  • Control the breakdown table content by choosing to show your consumption by Account Group, by Test Type or by individual Test.
  • For your convenience, there is a Calculate the units you need for this account group link available. This link leads you to the unit calculator, a tool that helps you estimate your future usage.

To fully understand ThousandEyes unit calculation, see Calculating Units.

If you have any questions regarding your usage numbers, contact your ThousandEyes account manager or the Customer Engineering team via

Deleting an Organization

For organizations that are on a trial account, an Organization Admin can delete their organization. Organizations with any other kind of account do not have this functionality; they must speak to their ThousandEyes Account Team if they want to delete their organization.

To delete your trial organization:

  1. Log in to the ThousandEyes platform.
  2. Navigate to Account Settings > Usage and Billing > Usage tab.
  3. In the Organization Deletion panel, click Delete.

Billing Tab

The Billing tab shows current billing information for your organization. This tab is only accessible by users with the View billing permission:

The following sections are visible in this tab:

  • Plan Details: The details of your contracted ThousandEyes usage plan. These include:
    • Plan name
    • Account type
    • Units in your plan
    • Endpoint Agent (Advantage or Essential) Licenses in your plan (if applicable)
    • Internet Insights Package Licenses in your plan (if applicable)
    • Monitored devices in your plan (if applicable)
  • Billing Address: The address to be included on the invoices and the email address to which invoices are sent.
  • Billing History: Displays billing information generated over previous billing cycles, including Date, Amount, and Status. Clicking on any entry will open invoice information for that entry.

If you have any questions regarding your plan details, contact your ThousandEyes account manager or the Customer Engineering team via

Quotas Tab

For an overview of the Quotas tab, see Components of the Quotas tab.